oQey Pdfs plugin is a WordPress Plugin that allows adding pdf (Adobe / Acrobat Portable Document Format) files into a post or page and managing them easily. Protecting published pdf files with a password is now as easy as protecting a regular WordPress post.

1. Download the WordPress PDFs plugin.

2. Unzip the plugin archive and put the oqey-pdfs folder into the plugins directory (wp-content/plugins/) of your WordPress installation folder.

3. Activate the plugin from within the WordPress admin, Plugins management tab.

4. Copy from the oqey-pdfs/ folder the root/pdfs folder into the root of your blog.

Using the PDFs plugin for WordPress:

Create a page, then simply insert the following code into the page content (in HTML mode): [iPdf: pdfdocs]

You can change the css style in pdfd.css which is located within the plugin folder, accordingly to your website design.