oQey Headers plugin is a WordPress Plugin that allows to add and manage images easily for the wp blog header.

1. Download oQey Headers plugin

2. Unzip the plugin archive and put oqey-headers folder into your plugins directory (wp-content/plugins/) of the server

3. Activate plugin.

4. Enjoy.

Note: Easy to upload images (*.jpg), drag and drop to order.

To insert image  in blog header use this line of code,  insert this code in header.php on your template, this function get random image on refresh:

<?php if (function_exists(‘oQeyRandomImage’)) { oQeyRandomImage(“”, “”); } ?>



<?php oQeyRandomImage(‘<li>’, ‘</li>’);  ?>


you can use this to display


<li><img src=’example.jpg’ width=’x’ height=’y’ alt=’text’  /> </li>


or you can get all images and process how you whant:

<?php if (function_exists(‘oQeyAllImages’)) { oQeyAllImages(); } ?>

For flash header place

<?php if (function_exists(‘oQeyFlashImages’)) { oQeyFlashImages(); } ?>

in your templates if you want a flash header, the header is set to show 900 x 300 px, so upload images on this size.

You can download plugin here.