|Hi, I’m having issues getting the upload button on the oqey gallery plugin to work (it’s disabled), I can import galleries from nextgen and everything works fine, but when I try to upload images via oQey, I can’t. How can I fix this?

Please check your hosting cPanel for analytics. You may have some analytics codes injected into each page by the hosting server which may conflict with some wordpress functions.

| When I try to change slideshow skin options, I can’t get it working. What am I doing wrong?

Please check folder permissions on the oqey_gallery folder. It should be 755 by default (that’s recommended for most common servers). However, some servers would require 777 or would create folders with 777 by default. If that happened, try to set it to 755 manually. Otherwise, contact us using the contact form.

| I am trying to get my skin play some video, but I’m not sure how to get it embedded. Can you help please?

First, you have to make sure that you are using a skin that will play video. Some skins won’t play video due to the effects used or the license restrictions applied. If the skin is video “enabled”, then please follow the video tutorial that is coverning most important management points. The uploading and attaching video process is very similar to the music uploading and attaching process. But, preparing video files will require some additional steps. Recommended video format is mp4, because it is compatible with the non-flash version of the slideshow and will work for most non-flash devices. To convert a video file into mp4, we are using Miro Video Converted, but you are free to choose any other. Also, please note, that most encoders will place META info at the end of the video file which isn’t good for bandwidth. Players will need those META data to preload and start playing video without loading the whole file. So, it is recommended to move META data info to the beginning of the video file whenever you have it mp4 ready. There are some utilities like mp4 FastStart that will do this quickly without re-compressing the video.

| I have just updated the oQey Gallery Photo Gallery / Slideshow plugin to the latest version 0.5 and my slideshows have changed to non-flash version. What should I do to re-eneble the flash slideshows?

To make the oQey Gallery fully GPL compatible, we’ve been forced to remove any flash slideshows files from the gallery plugin pack. Now, in order to get a flash skin working, you’ll have to re-activate this option from the settings tab. If you have a fresh install, please go to the skin manager, choose a skin from the list (you can choose any skin – free or commercial), install skins that you like and make sure that settings are properly adjusted. Some servers may require a full reset of the old settings stored in the DB. If so, please remove the plugin and reinstall it. It should work fine.

| Hi, I am from Italy and I have an WordPress blog hosted by Aruba. Whenever I have tested oQey Gallery slideshow on the other hosting I’ve used before, it worked fine. Now, after switching my hosting provider, I can’t get the uploading button work anymore. What’s wrong with it?

We have not yet discovered what is wrong with this specific hosting, but we have found that setting permissions to 755 on php files would solve the issue with our plugin and other plugins as well. That’s not a permanent fix, we’d recommend you to contact your aruba hosting administrator in order to find a permanent solution.

| I have the Thesis theme installed into my blog and my slideshow won’t start automatically. If I switch to the default theme, it works great. What can I do to make it work with my Thesis theme?

Thesis Theme is a great framework, but has a small issue, it is embedding some page content into the description meta tags, which conflicts with the java counter used to track the gallery id. The easiest way to fix that would be to install All in One SEO Pack plugin.

| I have bought a commercial slideshow skin, but I would like to buy another one, which I think looks better with my wordpress theme. Can I get refunded and choose the other after that?

No. Keys are generated automatically per domain. Once generated, they cannot be canceled or removed, therefore we cannot refund. Please install and test commercial skins before you buy them. All supported features by a chosen slideshow skin would be enabled for testing. If you buy a skin and later choose a different one for your slideshow, then we may consider giving you a discount on any further purchases. We are flexible.

| I have a non-flash / java gallery issue… When I try to check the non-flash photo gallery, it won’t show any pictures. In the activity window it shows that all photos are loaded, but they are displayed as blank pages…

Some servers have features like Page Speed enabled, which may append some java to our non-flash gallery scripts and this way any photo files processed would be “hidden” or replaced by some blank png’s. In order to make the gallery display those photos properly, please disable those features. This can usually be managed under the hosting cPanel.

| How can I make the slideshow start automatically / autoplay without clicking the play button?

The reason we have built galleries without auto-play option was the highly demanded feature of having multiple galleries in a single post / page which are synchronized to play a single instance at a time – to avoid chaotic simultaneous plays of several instances together when auto-started. If you need an “auto-play” version of a skin, please order a customized skin. We will work to include this option in some of our future updates. However, it won’t work with default free skins for a while.

| Does oQey Gallery plugin need a special setup?

No. Just make sure your server runs PHP Version 5.2+. Version 4 won’t be fully supported. However, it might work under certain environment. If a previously version is already installed, in some cases it might be required to remove it manually, then install the latest version from wordpress.org or download it from downloads.

| I have just updated oQey Gallery plugin to 0.4.3 and suddenly my galleries started to show the following error: oQey Gallery was not loaded properly! Please check your skin settings and license! How can I fix this?

Open oQey Gallery tab under WordPress admin area, click Settings and check the license agreement to accept it.

| Can I have gallery custom size per post?

Yes. You might specify the gallery width and height, i.e.:

oQey Photo Gallery Size Specification

| I can’t get the photo gallery work with my theme. With the default theme it works all right though.

In most cases your theme is missing the appropriate call to wp_head(), which is usually found in header.php. Please patch it, taking it from the default theme.
 If you don’t know how to do this, the following steps might work for you. Do them at your own risk:

  1. In your admin panel, go to Plugins – Theme Editor
  2. On the right bar, click on Header
  3. Locate the line with </head>
  4. Insert the following line before it: <?php wp_head(); ?>
  5. Save

| How should safe_mode be set?

oQey Gallery plugin works fine with safe_mode=Off only. Please contact you server administrator in order to switch safe_mode to “off”, if it is “on”.

| How can I change the image size for the non flash version of my gallery?

Just edit css/oqeystyle.css and make all changes that you need.

| How can I insert the gallery in a page or a post?

It’s easy, click the button.  See below.

| I have just updated oQey Gallery to the newest version available and it doesn’t show up anymore. What should I do?

Some wordpress configurations will use ftp to update plugins and some files might be ignored and left untouched. Remove the plugin and make sure you don’t have any files / folders of this plugin left under your wordpress plugins folder. Reinstall oQey Gallery Plugin and activate it. It should work now.