WordPress Themes

One of the greatest WordPress features is the ability to run a multisite network from a single installation. This is awesome to have a new website launched within minutes, whenever you have to create a mini-site for your client, a presentation website, a quick workshop website or a mini blog to list some events. The newly created website doesn’t have to be a copy of your main blog site. You can use another WordPress theme to match the style of your brand, upload a new logo, a customized background, change colors, navigation and much more using a simple, intuitive backend.

oQey is just an original way to say “okay”. WordPress Themes made by oQey aren’t simply okay, they were created to be original, to be easy customizable, using a super simple, original and friendly WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) Management System, still based on the native WordPress components, top rated plugins, proven to offer the best available multimedia SEO instruments.