oQey Skins for oQey Gallery Plugin and not only.

Veronica`s Skin | Free skin
Price $50
Pan Zoom Slider | Only $39
Claire Skin | Only $29
Exclusives | Only $39
Vasconi Skin | Only $29
Il Primo | Only $29
Aileen Skin | Only $29
oQey Slider | Only $5
Casablanca | Only $5
Dark Theme Skin | Free skin
Price $50
Valentine`s Day Skin | Free skin
Price $50
oQey Default Skin | Free skin
Price $50


oQey Photo Gallery Plugin

oQey Gallery is a WordPress Flash Gallery Plugin that you can use to create perfect slideshows with music, quick & easy.

User Experience studies have revealed a shocking truth: people do not read websites. If their attention is not captured within couple of seconds then they leave the web-page. Overcome this with a slideshow that captures their imagination and gets them interested to interact with your website, on both visual and audio levels.

This amazing plugin for WordPress enables webmasters to easily create multiple galleries and manage them all in one place. With this tool you can, in matter of seconds, add one or more of your photo galleries to a blog post and enhance your visitor’s experience.

We believe that a picture says a thousand words but with music it tells a million and our customers appreciate the ease of adding sound to galleries. Their visitors can choose to enable or disable the sound as they wish.

Creating a gallery should be easy and with this in mind we have designed the whole process to be fast. Multiple image upload (batch upload), drag and drop ordering together with intuitive structuring make oQey Gallery Plugin an ideal choice for a WP blogger.

What if your visitor does not have the possibility of viewing flash galleries? Not a problem as this plugin degrades gracefully leaving a similarly looking jQuery slideshow in place. This is extremely useful when iPhone, iPod or iPad users visit your WordPress blog.

oQey Gallery Plugin allows users to have a full screen experience, why not combine this with some quality photos and sounds and your visitor can enjoy their time on your website.

Though this WP Plugin was first built to meet a professional photographer’s needs, it’s not limited to and can enrich anyone’s wp blog. In addition, it has great a SEO support, so each photo can have its own description and comments even used with flash.

This might prove to be the final kick that will convince your next customer!

A list of features that makes this plugin the perfect WP Slideshow tool for any photographer’s wordpress blog…

  • Music suport - asked by our previous customers we have made it quick and easy to upload multiple songs and assign them to photo galleries.

  • Multiple photo upload - get albums online with a couple of clicks, batch uploading is now included for free.

  • Drag and drop - order and move your images intuitively

  • Single click insert - that is all what it takes to add one or more photo galleries to a post.

  • Custom size - to fit seamlessly into your blog posts.

  • Categorize galleries - put galleries into categories for easy photo management.

  • iPod, iPhone and iPad friendly - this plugin gets replaces with a nice looking javascript gallery when the adobe flash plugin is not supported.

  • Skins support - if you need a specific design, but not ready for the custom solution, you can choose a skinned player that fits your colors and design the best, prices starting from $29.

  • Customization - this is not a white label gallery and can be customized to suit your needs. Please see an example here. For a quotation please get in touch, prices starting from $150.

  • Our support - although designed to be plug-and-play we can help you with the installation if you agree to donate a small amount to support our development team.