Commercial Skin for oQey Gallery Plugin | oQey Slider with a Pan Zoom Effect Option

This skin is just a customized version of a slider that will display photos using a Pan Zoom effect. We’ve built originally a skin slideshow without any special features with fade-in / fade-out / sliding transitions and we’ve called it oQey Slider. Later we’ve been suggested that a Pan Zoom effect would make it a lot more interesting… And we’ve listen. Here is it. We’ve added some more options / features to this skin, i.e. thumbnails, captions / descriptions, random zoom-in, zoom-out etc. That is a good choice for all – professional photographers blogs, slideshow websites for clients & simple presentations. For the best experience, please use photos of the same size and orientation. Using portrait images with landscape images of different sizes in the same gallery may result showing edges of the photos. To have a better idea, we’d suggest you to install it using the Skins management tool under the WordPress – oQey Gallery plugin management tab and check the Skin specific options available.

Photos by Marc Mikhail

Price: 39$      Download this skin