Audio SEO: How to Optimize Audio for Better Rankings

Pretty much similar to Video SEO…

  • Audio Files Names – As with Video and Images, start your audio SEO with your file names. Make sure your keyword focus is represented in the names of your audio files.
  • Text Transcripts and Associated Copy – Audio like video is very hard for search engines to index directly, so content around audio is critical whether its just relevant text or transcripts.
  • ID3 tags – Audio has a unique tagging system known ID3 tags (associated with mp3 format). It allows you to add detailed information about your audio files and should be optimized according to your SEO plan. Find out more about ID3 tags.
  • Use Audio Hosting Services (multiples) – As with most rich media, there are plenty of content sites where you can host and share your audio files e.g. iTunes, soundcloud, podcast networks. By adding your audio to the right websites, it’ll not only help your content get indexed faster, but also expose it to a wider and often more targeted audience.