oQeySites is an international team of professionals providing PHP, Flash, Java and HTML5 solutions. We are mainly developing WordPress plug-ins that make it easy to customize and enhance its possibilities, but we are not limited to. We are working to build universal Flash | HTML5 solutions that look and behave natively under different OS’es, including mobile versions of Windows, Android and iOS, browsers and gadgets like the latest Apple’s iPhone / iPod Touch and iPad devices wich are well known for their incompatibility with flash applications. When Apple announced that iOS devices won’t support any flash players, many developers were disappointed and gave up on using the most advanced cross-platform technology of delivering rich Web content. We thought that’s wrong… Destroying an old system without providing something better as a replacement – isn’t good at all. HTML5 is not yet a standard, lots of people are still using browsers that won’t support the HTML5 language. And even if every single device in the world would become HTML5 compatible, it is not yet a flash technology replacement due to its strong limitations. So, why should we give up on using flash for the 0.9% of the non flash / HTML5 capable browsers that are currently accessing our websites? Some of us chose Flash, others chose HTML5, but we kept working together and we’ve built a hybrid system to let people choose – Flash or HTML5 while browsing the same website. We are also working on Flash content indexing technologies, which make it attractive for all SEO concerned clients. We work with highly professional design agencies, so if you need a stylish and modern website, a custom gallery, a video, a slideshow plugin or just a custom built plugin for WordPress, we are open to serve you.

Why should you consider working with us or buy a product made by oQeySites? What is oQeySites providing:

  • WordPress custom web sites, blogs
  • WordPress Flash | HTML5 themes
  • WordPress plugins and wp custom plugins
  • Services are always based on trusted and verified solutions
  • Open source technologies
  • Professionally designed graphics and images
  • Bespoke solutions to cover your needs
  • Multi-Themed Website Templates
  • Multilingual web pages
  • SEO friendly approach
  • Web site maintenance, update & support
  • Custom CMS solutions

Don’t hesitate to contact us and we will make sure, that your field of work gets the right professional to work on.